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Coaching Sessions

Coaching is a person-centered and action-reflection process:
not advising, counseling, or therapy.

Coaching is a highly interactive, equal and visual partnership between you as the person and your Coach.

Coaching focuses on the whole person and individual agenda.

Coaching focuses on your life, work, personal projects or
business endeavors.

Coaching sessions are empowering, reflective and rewarding!

Coaching sessions are one-on-one, family, group or team.

Sessions are easily worked into your schedule on a short or
long-term basis.

Custom sessions are designed for people who want to be
empowered and fulfilled individuals to move forward to
the life they want.

Custom sessions train leaders to engage, empower and unify
these around them to produce effective and productive results.

For your convenience, sessions are held in person, through
Facetime, videophone (VP) or video relay service (VRS).

E-mails and text messages are used to schedule coaching
sessions and for business correspondence.

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