The Southwest
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Friends of Crossroad Solutions Coach
American Society for Deaf Children
Supports families with deaf children and all communication modes.
Eisenberg & Baum, LLP
A national leader in providing deaf-friendly legal services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
Innivee Strategies
Partners with leaders, executives, boards and organizations to maximize potential and effectiveness.
Global Deaf Women
An international network of Deaf women as business owners or professionals connected to each other to achieve their personal and professional goals.
The School of The Work by Byron Katie
This is the ultimate inner adventure. Unlike every
other school on earth, this one isn't for learning-
it's for unlearning.
Tools for Transformation
Learn to create clarity, balance and peace in your life by attending a Deaf/ASL Spiritual Retreat, and through individual Instant Message (IM) or Video Relay Service (VRS) sessions.
To experience transformation in collaborative learning spaces, Xperience helps clients identify what they desire to retain from the past and attain for their hoped-for-future in sustainable ways through the use of powerful tools and processes suited to the needs
of the client and situation.
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