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   "To provide partnership in walking with deaf and hearing
   individuals, families and groups in their journey of leading
   enlightened, meaningful and purposeful lives in their

   —Deborah S. Mayer

Your Coach
Deborah S. Mayer, president and owner of Crossroad Solutions Coach, entered the coaching field when as
a deaf parent, she saw how effectively and quickly
her deaf child enthusiastically responded to coaching
techniques by a Parent Coach over traditional counseling approaches.

Deborah is a professional certified coach with training
in leadership coaching at Georgetown University and
Adler Professional School of Coaching-Arizona and is
recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Deborah coaches one-to-one and leads interactive
workshops and retreats on life, transition and
leadership development for both deaf and hearing communities.

Through the Crossroad Solutions Coach Training Center, Deborah teaches an online live video and
in-person accredited coach training program (ACTP)
for deaf professionals and interested individuals.
Her coaching certification and certified training program are recognized by ICF.

Deborah demonstrates a remarkable commitment to
her clients’ growth and achievements. Deborah is a
local and national educator, facilitator and a strong
advocate for deaf children's and adults' rights.

Deborah has a bachelor's degree in deaf education from the University of Tennessee and a master's in deafness rehabilitation and counseling from New York University. She holds professional certifications in rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation administration from the Commission on Rehabilitation Counseling and the Post-Employment Training-Administration of Programs Serving Individuals who are Deaf, Late-Deafened and Hard of Hearing program (PET-D) at San Diego State University. Deborah is certified as a Deaf Mentor in Illinois and Parent Advisor in Missouri trained in the SKI-Hi Curriculum.

Professional experiences include director/counselor in programs for deaf/HOH students at Lehman College and LaGuardia Community College, both in NYC, and outreach specialist for Relay Missouri. She provided MCPO/PEPNet with consulting, informational and training services. She taught graduate courses at Maryville University. Deborah teaches a one-week professional coaching course at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

Deborah loves learning, traveling, cooking, dancing, family life and beach walking.

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