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Transition Coaching
When you are at a crossroad where you have to make
a big decision that affects your life or family members,
you want to move forward and overcome questions or
obstacles that arise during your decision-making

Transition can be a new secondary or postsecondary school or from school to new job; changes in lifestyles, relationships or marriages; families with new members or life changes; career changes including promotions, new business or business developments; and other changes.

You walk with your Transition Coach to examine your
current situation, explore your current and future
options, clarify your goals and develop a plan to attain
these goals.

• Clarify what you want and redefine life goals.

• Get past obstacles to action and insight.

• Explore new ideas, fresh perspectives and
  fulfilling life paths.

• Balance your life with values and purpose.

• Develop an action plan that gets you where
  you want to be.

• Energize yourself to move forward.

• Walk with your Transition Coach in your journey.

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