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Tree Path
Walk with your Coach on your journey to
find the greatness in you.
Coaching Sessions
Coaching sessions are one-on-one, family, group
or team.

Life, Transition and Leadership Coaching sessions
are easily worked into your schedule on a short-
or long-term basis.

Custom sessions are designed for people who want
to be fulfilled individuals and for leaders to engage, empower and unify those around them to produce effective and productive results.

For your convenience, sessions are held in person
or through videophone or video relay with your Coach.

A videophone is a telephone equipped for transmission
of video as well as audio signals so that users can see
each other.

A video relay service (VRS) is a telecommunication
service that allows deaf, hard of hearing and speech-
impaired individuals to communicate over the phone
with hearing people in real-time, using a sign language

E-mails and text messages are used to schedule
coaching sessions and for business correspondence.

Contact Deborah Mayer

Coaching Sessions

One-on-One Coaching

Family, Group, Team

Presentations, Retreats,
Training, Workshops

Additional Coaching Sessions