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Family, Group, Team Coaching
Families, groups, teams, employees encounter obstacles, individual differences and lack information, direction, resources and strategies in moving forward, thus stalling at a crossroad.

The Coach works with individuals, leaders, members of family, group, team or organization to understand better how their self-interests and actions affect the dynamics of the group. With the Coach, individuals share with each other their vision to move the group forward.

For a family, informal sessions with the Coach are
self-paced in a safe, positive atmosphere to enable the members to move forward individually and as a group.

The need for every member to understand the strengths each one brings to the group and how they will best collaborate together is as important as having a clear understanding of the specific responsibilities and expected results of the group.

Incredible energy is created from separate energies interacting with each other. With the Coach, the group learns to harness this energy in a positive, healthy and constructive way.

The Coach recognizes the group's energies and task, goals or mission and provides the tools for the group to embark on their journey.

Our Clients include:

Directors of Non-Profit Agencies
Corporation Leaders
Government Employees and Administrators
Leaders of Deaf or Hearing Organizations
Social Services and Mental Health Providers

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Family, Group, Team

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