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Cohort 7 Course Registration
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Cohort 7 Registration
Crossroad Solutions Coach Training Program

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Program Courses
All six courses are to be taken in sequence.
Select the course you are going to take and register by the deadline date.

Course                                                      Dates                                  Register By
CSC 01 Coaching Fundamentals*        Jan 29, 2018-April 6           December 22, '17
     * Includes $175.00 one-time program
       adminstration fee.

CSC 02 Coaching Presence                  April 2-June 15                  March 12
                  with Intention

CSC 03 Frameworks for Co-Creating    September 17-Nov 30       September 4
                  the Coaching Conversation      No Classes Nov 19-23

CSC 04 Developing Coaching Mastery   Dec 3-Feb 22, 2019         November 12
                     Pre Exam                                No Classes Dec 25-Jan 4, 2019

CSC 05 Trends and Best Practices         February 25-May 3          February 4
                   in the Coaching Field

CSC 06 Integrating and Cultivating         Three-day summer weekend in St. Louis
                  Lifelong Learning                        anytime May to August after CSC 01-05
                  and Exam                                   courses have been completed.

Payment Plan
Each course is $650.00.
    CSC 01 has a one-time program administration $175.00 fee. (Course total $825)
    CSC 04 has an additional $250.00 fee for the Pre Exam. (Course total $900)
    CSC 06 has an additional $250.00 fee for the Exam. (Course total $900)
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Cancellation Policy
If you cancel seven days or less prior to the starting date of any course,
a $50 fee is applied to the refund.

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See you soon in class!

Deborah Mayer, MA, PCC, CRC
Crossroad Solutions Coach