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What is Coaching?
Coaching is a highly interactive, trusting and visual
partnership between you as the person and your Coach.

Coaching is not advising, counseling, or therapy;
it is a person-centered and action-reflection process.

Coaching focuses on a person-centered and whole
person approach to address personal projects, business successes or general conditions in your
life or profession. Coaching sessions include value
clarification, brainstorming, clarifying questions
and making empowering requests.

You have the power to move forward from where you
are now to where you want to be. You will become
resourceful with fresh perspectives. You have a story
about what you are doing and why you are doing.

The partnership explores the many paths that are
available to you and discovers the obstacles and
challenges that might be in the path of your intentions.

You know the answers to every question or challenge
you may have in your present life even though these
answers may appear to be obscured or hidden inside

During the sessions, your Coach listens and engages
in purposeful conversations, observations and
questions to create clarity for you to take action to
produce fulfilling results.

You will reconnect with your passions and dreams and
how to pursue them. You will discover what's really
most important to you and your life. You align your life
with your values and purpose. Gain clarity, confidence
and perspective on what you are doing or will do in your
new life. You will design a plan to achieve what you
want in life.

Your Coach walks with you on your journey to discover
the greatness in you to lead an enlightened and meaningful life.

Are you ready for Coaching?
As you think of hiring a Coach, you are making a
decision on if you are ready to embark on a journey.

To help you with your decision, please read these statements.

    I am ready to make changes in my life.

    I am stuck at a crossroad in my life.

    I want meaning, purpose and balance in my life.

    I want more passion, fun and fulfillment in my life.

    I am in a major life or career change or in transition
    and want clarity on moving forward.

    I lead and influence others and want to do right.

If any of these statements relate to yourself, you may be ready for Coaching.

Coaching Sessions
Coaching sessions are one-on-one, family, group
or team. Coaching sessions address your life in one or all areas:
You are at a crossroad and feel life is passing you by. You are stuck at some point in your life-relationship, career, negative cycle or pattern of behavior that keeps you from achieving, from growing and from going after what would really make you happy! You want to know what and why you are held back. You want a clear vision and a plan of action to move forward to the life you want.
You are at a crossroad where you have to make a decision that affects your life or family members. You want to move forward and overcome questions or obstacles that arise during your decision-making process.

Transition can be a new school or college, from school to new job, changes in lifestyles, new locations, relationships or marriages, families with new members or life changes, career changes including promotions, new business or business developments and other changes.

You want to advance your skills to be a personable and effective leader to feel valued and successful. You want to sharpen your leadership abilities, create a strong presence, empower others to lead, enhance team performance,achieve results and get where you want to be.
Do you want to be a coach?
Contact Deborah S. Mayer

Coaching sessions are easily worked into your schedule on a short-or long-term basis.

Custom sessions are designed for people who want
to be fulfilled individuals with satisfying lives.

Custom sessions are excellent for leaders to engage,
empower and unify those around them to produce
effective and productive results.

For your convenience, sessions are held in person
or through videophone or video conferencing with
your Coach.

E-mails and text messages are used to schedule
coaching sessions and for business correspondence.

To start coaching sessions or inquire:
Contact Deborah S. Mayer

Your Coach
For information on your coach, Click Here