Cape Cod Retreat
Break the Cycle  

Early Pre-Announcement

Mark your 2018 calendar!

More information in October.
  Dorothy and Deborah Your Retreat Facilitators
Dorothy M. Wilkins    Deborah S. Mayer
Cape Cod Collage

A popular weekend retreat brought to you by popular demand!

Treat yourself to a wonderful getaway weekend
retreat of exploration, discovery and inspiration
at Cape Cod.

This weekend retreat is for Deaf individuals who wish to
shift their lives from a rut into a fulfilling life that can be
life, love, relationship or quality time.

In a beautiful surrounding of tranquil scenery, your Deaf
retreat facilitators, Deborah and Dorothy will walk with
you in your journey.

Deborah S. Mayer                   Dorothy M. Wilkins
Life Coach                               Intuitive Wellness Coach
Professional Coach Trainer     Coach Trainer in Training

More detailed information and registration about this wonderful
retreat will be available in October.

Please mark your 2018 calendar and watch for new information.